• Comprehension Strategies




    Visualizing involves forming mental pictures of the setting, characters, and events.  You are marking a movie in your head.




    When you can relate what you are reading to your own life, another text, or world events, you are connecting with what you are reading.




    Predicting involves trying to figure out what is going to happen next in the text.  It has to be reasonable and based on what you have been reading.


    Questioning and Clarifying


    Question what you are reading: Does it make sense to you?  Why is the author crafting the text in that way?  If you don’t understand something, use resources to help you figure it out.


    Summarizing and Rereading


    Stop occasionally to review what you understand has happened so far in the text.  If you can’t recall what has happened, try rereading the passage.




    Form opinions about what you read, both while you’re reading and after you’re finished.  Develop your own ideas about characters and events.