About Mr. Mack
    Mr. Mack is in his twenty-fifth year of teaching. His first five years were spent in the New York City parochial and public schools, all of them in the borough of the Bronx where he was born and raised.
    Mr. Mack is a proud product of the New York City public schools system. He attended Music and Art High School in New York City (better known as "Fame"), studied with the Jesuits at Regis University in CO, where he received his undergraduate degree in English, and Lehman College, part of the CUNY school system, where he received his Master's degree in education.
    Mr. Mack also studies and trains in the art of Northern Dragon Shaolin Kung fu (Lung Jop Pai). He is a Shifu, which means teacher in martial Mandarin Chinese, and teaches Kung fu after school. The art has taught Mr. Mack a lot about the value of hard work and discipline in all aspects of his life. Kung fu exists in every interaction he has with other people. It's in the way he says hello to other people, and how he listens when other people are speaking. Kung fu is in everything.
    Mr. Mack is also a Star Wars enthusiast and runs the Jedi Knight Training Academy at Reading-Fleming Intermediate school. Club members learn to make lightsabers and how to use them responsibly, as well as watching some of the Star Wars movies (the good ones ha ha ha).
    When he's not teaching anything, Mr. Mack enjoys learning more Kung fu, writing short stories, keeping up to date with the latest technological advancements, and playing the violin (well) and guitar (poorly).

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