• Contacting the Board
    Board of Education members abide by the New Jersey Code of Ethics for School Board members. The Board of Education does not administer the school district; they ensure that it is run well. While Board members encourage communication from parents and local stakeholders, there is a chain of communication that should be followed. Community members should always direct questions to the most specific and appropriate level. This means beginning with a specific teacher or building administrator, then approaching a district administrator, and then moving to the central office and Superintendent before submitting it to the Board, either in writing to the President and or verbally at a Board meeting. Citizens are invited to attend Board meetings and may address the Board during two public comment opportunities, held at the beginning and end of each meeting.
    Letters to the Board may be sent to the following address: Flemington/Raritan Board of Education, 50 Court Street, Flemington, NJ 08822. Letters sent to any Board member will be forwarded to the Board President and Vice President and shared with the entire Board.
    To leave a phone message for Board members, please call (908) 284-7561. Board members will strive to return calls within 24 hours of retrieval of the message. The topic/subject of the message will be shared with the entire Board.
    *Please note, per Board Bylaws, Board members will only acknowledge receipt of correspondence.
    To e-mail Board members, please use firstname.lastname@frsd.us  
    Flemington Borough 

    Jeffrey Cain (2024)
    E-mail ID: jeffrey.cain
    Tiffany Jarrett (2025)
    E-mail ID: tiffany.jarrett
    Raritan Township
    Jaclyn Arce (2026) - Vice President
    E-mail ID: jaclyn.arce

    Dr. William Bentley (2026)
    E-mail ID: william.bentley

    Ryan Birkenstock (2026)
    E-mail ID: ryan.birkenstock
    Lilian Colpas (2025)
    E-mail ID: lilian.colpas
    Gina Criscitiello (2025)
    E-mail ID: gina.criscitiello
    Michelle Hurley (2024) - President
    E-mail ID: michelle.hurley
    Laurie Markowski (2024)
    E-mail ID: laurie.markowski
Last Modified on March 1, 2024