• Daniel Kennedy Reading was a great-great grandson of the Governor of New Jersey.  He lived from approximately 1827-1853.  He left $10,000 in his will to be used to build a school.  This school was called the Reading Academy.  In 1862 the Reading Academy replaced the Fleming Academy which had been established by the Baptists in 1855. The new building for the Reading Academy, constructed on Bonnell Street, became the home of the only public school in Flemington. It was built at a cost of about $6,000.  It was a two-story solid brick structure.  The building stood forty-two by fifty feet and contained four rooms which could house about 200 students.  In 1875 the original building was expanded, but was later damaged by fire.  A stone marker is all that remains of the original structure.  The cornerstone is now at the Bonnell Street entrance of the Reading-Fleming Intermediate School. 


      Old Photo

    School buses lined up at the Reading Academy about 1912.  The first one, with the two-horse team, served Sergeantsville.  The school was located on the site of the original Daniel K. Reading building (presently known as the Reading-Fleming Intermediate School).

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