•  General Info
    •  Your charged computer
    • A small binder (1 1/2") with loose leaf and folder
    • A pencil, pen and correcting pen of a different color
    • A box of tissues (optional but appreciated)


    Homework is assigned to help reinforce the material covered in class. Therefore, homework should be completed thoughtfully and thoroughly. Homework will be checked for completion and randomly as an assessment.

    A day students should complete their homework on an A day. B day students should complete their homework on a B day. Completing homework the day it is assigned allows students time to ask questions about their homework and make sure it is completed thoughtfully and thoroughly.

    Homework assignments can receive full credit only if they are completed by the due date. Late homework will be accepted anytime during the same trimester for half credit. Extensive homework assignments such as projects, labs, etc will be deducted 10% for each day they are late.


    Your grade will be calculated using a point system. It will be based on a combination of tests, quizzes, labs, projects, homework and participation. It is your responsibility to check parent portal frequently in order to monitor your progress in science. Any questions about low grades or missing assignments should be addressed during tutorial.

    I do not offer extra credit. If you work hard, complete your work thoughtfully and thoroughly, and advocate for yourself when you need help, then you will do well in my class!

    Missing Class

    If you are absent you are responsible for the work you missed. You have as many days as you were absent to turn in the missing work. 

    If you are absent…

    1. Check my website for information about what you missed.
    2. During tutorial: 
      1. Check the “Class Info” and folders for notes and new handouts.
      2. Place past due homework in your class’ “in” bin.
      3. See me with questions.