Ha love sa-sook (rhymes with book)
    Voice mail - (908) 284-7650 ext. 4116
    E-mail - dhlavsa@frsd.k12.nj.us
    Grading Policy
    I do not give grades, your children earn grades
    • Grades are based on a point system
    • Points are obtained through successful completion of:
      • Quizzes / Tests/ Projects
      • Homework (three missed assignments they will serve 1 hour of detention with Mrs. Hlavsa-Suk
      • Interactive Notebook
      • Class Participation
    Late Work Policy
    • Homework and projects are assigned to reinforce what has been learned in class
    • Should any social studies work be late (handed in anytime after due date), the work will lose 50% of its possible points
    • Work that is handed in after one week of the due date (set by the teacher) will NOT receive any points, but must be completed
    Make Up Work Policy
    • Call the Learning Line
    • Contact the Teacher before class or during Tutorial
    • Contact any of your classroom peers
    • The student is responsible for handing in work assigned prior to their absence on the day returning to school, regardless of an A or B Day
    • The student is responsible for obtaining notes, handouts, and assignments missed, while absent, on the day he/she returns to school whether it is an A or B Day
    • Any homework due is to be handed in on that day 
    • Let Mrs. Hlavsa-Suk know, if possible, that you will miss class and get any handouts for that class.
    • Any work not handed in on time for that day will be marked "late".