• Dr. Horowitz's Grading Policy

    8th grade science students will earn their respective grades according to the following

    "total points earned" system:

    Homework 0-10
    Quizzes 10-50
    Quests 50-75

    Tests 75-100+

    Unit Project Points Vary

    GOOGLE CLASSROOM will be used to post any & all daily assignments. The IQWST online program (Activate Learning) along with other resources will be used to implement the science curriculum.

    BE PREPARED with your charged chromebook, a folder for papers, a writing tool (pencil, blue or black ink pen), an independent novel (for reading when requested) and a positive attitude toward learning.
    ASSIGNMENTS must be completed and turned in by the assigned due date & time. Late assignments will not earn full credit, but still should be completed for partial credit by the next class meeting. Every point counts! 
    For the 2023-2024 school year, Do Nows (&/or Exit Tickets) can NOT be made up if you are absent. However, you are NOT penalized for them if you are absent. Do Nows (&/or Exit Tickets) are specific to each class.
    All assignments beyond Do Nows (&/or Exit Tickets) should be completed ASAP so that you keep up with the concepts presented in each class. There is a penalty for late work submission in accordance with the school absence policy. Usually, that's a 10% late penalty for the next class day submission and 50% for anything submitted thereafter.
    Here's the bottom line.....get your work in on time.
    ASSESSMENTS such as quizzes, quests, tests & projects will be announced well in advance along with any study guides to allow ample time for you to review any/all applicable subject material.