• Dr. Horowitz's Grading Policy

    8th grade science students will earn their respective grades according to the following

    "total points earned" system:

    Homework 0-10
    Quizzes 10-50
    Quests 50-75

    Tests 75-100+

    Project Points Vary


    BE PREPARED: Students are expected to be prepared for each class with a 3 ring binder, notebook paper, a writing instrument (pencil, blue or black ink pen), a charged chromebook, an independent novel (reading) when requested and a positive attitude toward learning. All FRSD district & JPCase student Code of Conduct rules will be strictly enforced, especially with regard to safety(respect) for self, others and property.
    ASSIGNMENTS: All in or out of class assignments (homework, labs, projects, writing papers, abstracts, etc.) must be completed and turned in by the assigned due date & time. Late assignments will not earn full credit, but still should be completed for partial credit. Every point counts!  Excused absences will be considered on an individual case basis in accordance with the district/school policy for late work.
    ASSESSMENTS: Most quizzes, quests, tests & projects will be announced in advance along with any study guides to allow students ample time to review any/all applicable subject material.However, the instructor reserves the right to present "pop" (unannounced) quizzes at any time. Students who are absent during assessments or who owe any assignments during their absence will be expected to take the assessment or hand in work due in the very next science class they attend to avoid late penalties. Additionally, assessments may take the form of class observation by the instructor, class participation or group interaction by the student, or oral response by student to questions posed by the instructor. 

    KEYS to SUCCESS: Keep all class notes, labs, papers, handouts, etc., in a science 3 ring binder in chronological order for your review after each class. Be prepared for class with all assignments and necessary materials and work cooperatively, effectively and efficiently with your lab partner/group in order to complete all tasks in a timely manner and to fully understand concepts presented. Ask questions for clarification. Do not waste precious class time. Use class time wisely.