• Responsive  Classroom

    Responsive Classroom is an approach to teaching and fostering community within the classroom.  Two of the key elements include:

    1.  Morning Meeting - This is a daily routine that builds community, creates a positive climate for learning, and gives children practice in a wide range of academic and social skills.  The children gather at the beginning of the school day greeting each other, sharing news, doing a group activity, and looking forward to the day ahead.   In the process, children practice skills such as listening, speaking, problem solving, and group participation.  They also get to know each other and build group cohesiveness.  


    2.  Logical Consequences - This is a way to help fix problems that result from children’s words and actions when they break or forget expectations.  Logical consequences help children regain self-control, reflect on their mistakes, and make amends for them.  The three types of consequences include:  You Break It/You Fix It, temporary loss of privilege, and Take A Break.

    If you are interested in learning more about the Responsive Classroom approach, you can visit their website at www.responsiveclassroom.org.