• Students are expected to follow these classroom guidelines each and every day!

    1. Students will respect themselves, classmates, teachers, and the classroom/school property.

    2. To be fully prepared, students will need to bring all materials to class every day.

    3. Students will need to make up any and all missed work due to absence, band/chorus, or class trips. It is the students' responsibility to call the Learning Line (ext. 4055) or check Mme Gauthier's website for missed work and turn in the make-up work during the next class day that they are present.  

    4. No food, candy, gum or drinks are allowed in class unless approved in advance by the nurse.

    5. Students are expected to raise their hand if they would like to answer a question and be respectful of their classmates and teachers when they are speaking.

    6. Please try your best to keep the room as neat and tidy as it is when you enter. Put all garbage or papers in the correct bins (either trash or recycling!) and take all your belongings with you at the end of class! Anything left behind will be placed in a lost & found bin. It is the student's responsibility to pick it up!
    7. Please submit only handwritten work for all assignments except as directed by the teacher.  Please skip lines to allow ample space for correction.
    8. Remember that class participation means doing what you're supposed to do when you're supposed to do it.  Remain on task and working during the entire block.
    9. Do not leave the class with confusion!!!  Ask, ask, ask until you understand the lesson and how to do the homework.  Your teacher is here to help and guide you.  Let me know when you are suffering from confusion.  Together we can eliminate this obstacle to learning!