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    Step 1:

    Write your own ideas in French in your own words.  All work will be done in French.  Do not use an online translator for any of the work in Steps 1 and 2.  All written work will be in the student's own handwriting.

    Use only words and expressions that we have already learned.  Skip lines!!

    Hand in 3 separate sheets- le passé (p. 321), le présent, et le futur (p. 206 et 212).  Refer to pages R-5, R-15,R-16, R-17, R-18.

    Include 3 activities for each tense (a total of 9 activities).  Each activity should have a date, descriptive sentence in the proper tense, and visual.  Visuals may be clip art or hand drawn.  (Stick figures are acceptable.)

    You may make up the information. All work and visuals must be school appropriate.

    Copy and follow the model that the teacher puts on the board.

    Another student will check and sign each of your sheets.  It will say,

    “Examiné par  _______.”

    Step 2:


    You will work with your conversation partner.

    You will write 4 paragraphs in French about your conversation partner in the third person ( il et elle).  Use only words you already know.


    #1- past tense- 6 sentences minimum, including the dates.

    #2- present tense- (same as above)

    # 3- future tense- (same as above)

    #4- Short ending paragraph of 3-4 sentences to tie up what you have written in the previous paragraphs.

    For the above paragraphs you will need to add to the info provided on your conversation partner’s timeline sheets.  You may “make it up.”

    Modèle of paragraph #4-

    (I am writing in English.  You will write in French.)

    Roger is an interesting friend!  He really likes sports, but he also does many other  activities. Etc., etc, etc.  I like the activities that Roger likes, but I prefer (a different activity).
    You will make up a total of 6 questions in French about the paragraphs you have written.  Two questions will be written in the past tense, two in the present, and two in the future.  You will ask these questions to the audience after you have read your paragraphs to the class.

    Your conversation partner will proof read and help you correct your paragraphs and questions.  Your partner will sign the bottom, “Examiné par _________.”

    Due dates: Step 1- First draft-            Final copy-                                    -
                                 Step 2- First draft- l                 , Final copy- 
    Bon courage!