• Bonjour!!!
    Here are some ways you can help your child be successful in French class;
    Check the homework page on my website with your child often.  Make sure your child has his/her/their  name and block on the assignment, as well as the title of the assignment.
    Ask your child what project we are currently working on (dialogues, poetry, geography, culture, famous francophone personalities, timeline, interviews, changing a narrative to a dialogue, oral presentations, etc.)
    Encourage your child to visit our online text book daily for practice activities and quizzes.  Studying a little every day and completing all homework assignments on time will go a long way on the path to learning and earning good grades.
    Visit www.freerice.com with your child.  There you will find games and activities based on what we are learning.
    Encourage your child to practice orally with our list of questions every day.  The way to learn to speak French is to practice speaking French!!!!
    Remind your child that participation in French class means doing what you're supposed to do when you're supposed to do it.
    Check the list of materials needed for class on my website.  Does your child have everything in good order?
    Encourage your child to ask questions about anything she/he/they doesn't quite understand. 
    Together we will work to make sure that your child has a productive year!!!