•  Voici les devoirs;
    Homework is listed below.  Dates given are the dates the homework was assigned.  Homework is due at our next Block meeting.  Follow directions and always do your best!! NO STUDENT WILL USE AN ONLINE TRANSLATOR FOR ANY WORK DONE FOR FRENCH CLASS. STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO DO THEIR OWN WORK USING THE RESOURCES PROVIDED BY THE TEACHER. Submit assignments in a Google Doc on Google Classroom.  If you have questions e-mail Mme Gauthier @ kathleen.gauthier@frsd.us   and I will answer as soon as I can.  If you have late work to turn in e-mail the work to kathleen.gauthier@frsd.us for credit. Remember in French class you do not have to be perfect.  You just have to try your best. Bon courage! = You can do it!
    Bonne chance!
    decembre, 2022;
    Homework Expectations,  MP 2
    Students are expected to submit homework on time during our next block meeting.  Consequence is a grade of zero in Genesis.  Turn in homework to me at  kathleen.gauthier@frsd.us  if it is late because you are absent due to illness or other parental excuse.  You have one extra A- or B-day to turn in homework if you are absent due to illness or other parental excuse. Students are expected to do their own work.  Use of an online translator is not permitted.
    le 8 et le 9 dec.- 
    Notice of work due le 12 et le 13 decembre: Students will do this assignment at home.  Personal devices are to remain shut off and in student lockers from 8:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. daily.  Grades 7 et 8: Students will post 6 photos of 6 different pages in their French notebook- 2 photos of pages from septembre, 2 photos of pages from octobre, and 2 photos of pages from novembre.   Post the 6 photos in a Google Doc and submit on the Google Classroom Homework page. 
    le 12 et le13 decembre: Grades 7 et 8: Read "Homework Expectations, MP 2"  carefully three times.
    Type three sentences in English to describe what the post, "Homework Expectations, MP 2" means to you.
    Copy the following and finish each sentence in your own words;
    1.)  "Homework Expectations, MP 2" means that...
    2.)  During MP 2 I will need to turn in my homework...
    3.) Consequences of failure to turn in my homework at our next block meeting are...
    Type your three sentences in a Google Doc and post on the Google Classroom homework page.
    Notice of upcoming quiz le 20 et le 21 dec.- Gr. 8: p. 310.  Gr. 7: handout, p. 95.
    le 14 et le 15 dec. Grades 7 et 8: Make up 2 virelangues in French using alliteration.  Write these on your virelangues sheet.
    le 16 et le 19 dec.- Study for quiz during our next block meeting: Gr. 7- handout, p. 95. Gr. 8- p. 310.
    le 20 et le 21 dec.Grades 7 et 8- Reread " Expectations MP 2."  Check your MP 2 grades in Genesis.  Type 5 sentences in English.  Tell what you will do during MP 2 to keep or get your French grade up to where it should be. Post your sentences on the Google Classroom Homework Page.
    le 22 et le 23 dec.  Grades 8 et 7:  Joyeuses Fetes!
    janvier, 2023
    Bonne Annee!
    le 3 et le 4 janvier:
    Expectations:  Students will choose 3 resolutions. Students will draw their resolutions on 3 separate sheets of white paper.  Students will include a visual. ( Artwork does not count but students must submit a visual. Stick figures are acceptable. Clip Art is acceptable but must be printed in the Media Center during tutorial.) Visuals do not have to be colored.  Spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and pronunciation effort do count. Your visual and writing should fill the entire paper. Refer to the model provided in class.  This is classwork/homework  and will be graded as an oral assessment in Genesis.  Students will hand in their visuals on the due date.
    Due date: le 5 et le 6 janvier
    Bonne Annee et Bon courage!!!
    Je vais...
    1.) nettoyer ma chambre.
    2.) etudier.
    3.) faire les devoirs.
    4.) recycler les papiers de rebut et les bouteilles.
    5.) manger des legumes.
    6.) preparer pour les examens.
    7.) ranger ma chambre.
    8.) ranger la salle de classe.
    9.) parler francais.
    10.) lire des livres.
    11.) laver la voiture.
    12.) laver le chien.
    13.) laver le chat.
    14.) faire marcher le chien.
    15.) fermer les lampes.
    16.) fermer les portes.
    17.) manger les fruits.
    18.) boire de l'eau.
    19.) boire du jus.
    20.) laver les vetements.
    21.) jouer avec ( mon petit frere ou mon petit cousin, ma petite soeur ou ma petite cousine).
    22.) laver la vaisselle ( les plats, les verres, les tasses, etc.)
    23.) jouer avec mon animal domestique.
    24.) dormir a vingt heures.
    25.) faire attention en classe.
    Notice of upcoming assessments: janvier, 2023-
    le 9 et le 10 jan.- Oral assessment- Gr.7: handout, p. 92, Gr. 8: p. 284.
    le 13 et le 17 jan.-Grades 8 et 7:  Quiz, << les directions>>
    le 13 et le 17 jan.-  Notice of assignment amnesty:  All students will have a one-day ( today, le 13 or le 17 jan. ) assignment amnesty.  The expectation is that students will follow all directions in order to earn credit.  Any late work must be e-mailed to kathleen.gauthier@frsd.us by end of this block today only for credit. Teacher hint: Take advantage of this one-time MP 2 grade booster offer.  It will not be repeated. 
    le 5 et le 6 jan.- Rehearse and prepare for oral assessments- Gr. 8- p. 284, Gr. 7- handout, p. 92 during our next block meeting.
    le 9 et le 10- Practice giving directions aloud in French - p. 5 of warm-up packet.
    le 11 et le 12 jan.- Grades 7 et 8: Study for quiz on <<les directions>> during our next block meeting.
    le 13 et le 17 jan.- Grades 7 et 8: Unit 2, p. 35- Click the red button at the top near the word Quizlet.  Practice the Flashcards aloud for 9 minutes.
    le 18 et le 19 jan. Gr.7- handout, p. 35- Spell each French word aloud 3 times. Make sure you know what each word means.  Gr. 8- pages 312 et 313-  Spell each French word that you don't know aloud 3 times. Make sure you know what each word means.  
    le 20 et le 23 jan.- Gr. 8- pages 308-309- Read aloud 3 times in French and aloud 3 times in English. Make sure you know what all the words mean. Gr. 7- handout, page 34-Practice the entire dialogue aloud in French twice and aloud in English twice.  Make sure you know what all the words mean.
    le 24 et le 25 jan.-  Missing letters work is due at our next block meeting. Gr. 7- handout- pages 34 et 35.  Gr. 8- pages 312 et 313.
    le 26 et le 27 jan.-Prepare for vocab quiz. Finalize and use your study guide. Gr. 8- aux pages 312- 313. Gr. 7- handout pp. 34 et 35.
    Notice of upcoming assessments;
    If class is canceled due to inclement weather work will be due at the following block meeting.
    "missing letters"- Jan. 26 et 27
    Vocab quiz - Gr. 8 pp. 312-313.  Gr.7 handout, pp. 34 et 35- Feb. 1 et 2
    Oral and written assessment- Gr. 8 p. 204, Gr. 7 handout- p. 34  Feb. 7 et 8 
    le 30 et le 31 jan.- Study for a quiz during our next block meeting. Gr. 8- aux pages 312 et 313.  Gr. 7- handout- pages 34 et 35.
    fevrier, 2023:
    le premier et le 2 fevrier: Prepare for oral and written assessments which are due le 7 et le 8 fevrier.  Follow the directions found on our Google Classroom Stream Page.  Gr. 7-Handout,  p. 34. Gr. 8- page 204.
    le 3 et le 6 fevrier-Prepare for oral and written assessments due at our next block meeting. Gr. 7- p. 34. Gr. 8- p. 204
    le 7 et le 8 fev.- Grades 8 et 7:  <<l'hiver>> word search activities are due at our next block meeting.
    All work below will be graded in Genesis.
    In order to earn full credit you must follow all directions posted in Google Classroom.
    1.)  Wordsearch activities- <<l'hiver>> due le 9 et le 10 fevrier.
    2.)  Magazine work written on a separate sheet of paper is due le 15 et le 16 fevrier.
    3.)  "Review/ Reflection MP 2:" due le 23 et le 24 fevrier.
    4.) Notebook check, MP 2- due le premier et le 2 mars.
    Bon courage!