• Notice of upcoming quiz::Grade 7 pp. 61-62 (handout).  Grade 8 - pages 266-267. Quiz will be June 1 et 2, 2023.

    le premier et le deux juin: Grades 7 et 8: Scroll  slowly through Online Unit 4 ( gr. 7) or Online Unit 8 ( Gr. 8). Type 3 things that we will learn from these units in a Google Doc and post on the Google Classroom Homework Page.

    le 5 et le 6 juin:  Notice of upcoming assessments-  Oral and written assessment presentations will be held during our next block meeting.Grade 8- page 214  Grade 7- Handout- p. 90

    le 12 et le 13 juin: Grade. 8- Online Textbook, Unit 8, p. 17, Quizlet-<<Ou allons- nous?>>  Copy Flashcard vocab in French and English in French cahier. Grade 7: Online Textbook, Unit 4, p. 11,Click red arrow en haut et a droite. Take notes about Haiti in English in your French cahier.  

    le 7 et le 8 juin: Grade 7- Online Textbook, Unit 4, p. 13, - Yellow vertical band a gauche- In your French cahier copy the 12 expressions in French and in English. Grade 8- Online Textbook, Unit 8, p. 23, "Presentational  # 1"-In your French cahier copy 3 of the 34 vacation choices that a teen might like to visit.  Write one sentence about each location telling why a teen might like to visit there.