• Courses:  Spanish 7th, French 7th, Spanish 8th, and French 8th 
    Teachers: Mrs. L. Garrabrant, Mrs. K. Gauthier, Mrs. G. Hrabovecky, Mrs. N. Kemp,         Mrs. M. Lanza, Mrs. K. Stines
    Program Description: 
    Our program supports the New Jersey World Language Education in the 21st Century statement:  “New Jersey citizens are part of a dynamic, interconnected, and technologically driven global society centered on the creation and communication of knowledge and ideas across geographical, cultural, and linguistic borders. Individuals who effectively communicate in more than one language, with an appropriate understanding of cultural contexts, are globally literate and possess the attributes reflected in the mission and vision for world languages education.”

    Students in grades seven and eight participate in a full year of Spanish or French program offered every other day on an A/B day schedule, each period consisting of 78 minutes of instruction. Students who complete this program successfully are eligible for Level 2 of their studied language upon entering high school.

    Course Content:

          7th Grade

    • Unit 1- Introduction to Language Learning and Culture
    • Unit 2- School Days
    • Unit 3- All About Me
    • Unit 4- Home, Family and Friends

       8th Grade

    • Unit 5- Food
    • Unit 6- Celebrations
    • Unit 7- Community/Going Green
    • Unit 8- Travel/ Migratory Animals