School                 Cooking Class Rules
    Each student will follow the following class rules.
    • Always come to class with a writing tools
    • Sitting on tables or counters is not allowed
    • Students must ask teachers permission and sign-out to leave the room. Students will remain with assigned Kitchen group.
    • No hair combing, or make-up applications in classroom. Use aprons to protect clothing.
    • The preparation of  food and samples will be done in an orderly fashion. No food is to be sampled while it is being prepared- for health reasons. Samples will be wrapped to be taken home to share.
    • Nothing is to be thrown in Lab.
    •  Students will follow all safety rules provided by instructor for Fire Drills & Code C practice and safety in cooking.
    • Students are responsible for class job assignments, behavior, SEMESTER PROJECT DUE DATES and Labs missed due to absence.
    • Violation of above rules of the class or inappropriate behavior will result in  student being asked to be seated, loss of cooking privileges and a failing grade for the Lab.
    • Failure to follow safety directions will result in a detention that will be served at 7:30 AM-parent must provide transportation
    • Extra Credit slips are provided for Food preparation done at Home (clean-up is required)

    Mrs Treonze may be reached for  parent Questions at   908-284-5100