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    Class Descriptionbolt
    In Software Applications Class, students complete a variety of projects involving computer skills that are applicable to high school, college, and beyond. For many of the projects this trimester, students take on the role of creating their own electronics store, and complete numerous tasks using software such as:
    • Microsoft Word - Word Processing
    • Microsoft Excel - Spreadsheets
    • Microsoft Publisher - Print Publications
    • Google Sketchup - 3D Modeling and Design
    • Adobe Photoshop - Digital Imaging

    Additional Themes That Are Also Covered In This Class:

    • Typing Skills - Proper Technique, Speed/Accuracy Improvement
    • Internet Safety
    • Website/Information Reliability

    Although this is primarily a project-based course, students are also assessed by:
    -Vocabulary/Content Quizzes -Open-Ended Writing Responses -Homework

    The Software Applications curriculum is based on the current N.J. 8.1 Content Standards.


    The Classroom Expectations Are:

    Below are some student interpretations of each expectation:

    ...honoring other people's privacy and space ...the act of being polite and careful when dealing with things around yourself ...treating someone fairly ...when you show someone that you honor their choices ...being caring towards others ...showing consideration ...when you talk to somebody with proper manners ...treating others with kindness

    ...to be true to yourself and others ...to be truthful ...to be fair and upright ...when you don't lie ...if you did something, to be up front and say it ...to tell a teacher who did something wrong ...when people trust you because you don't lie ...telling the truth in all situations ...to take credit for the work that is really yours

    ...is unique to you ...having an idea that noone else thought of ...to be able to make interesting projects ...thinking outside of the box ...not doing something the same way as everyone else ...when you have your own style and ideas ...originality ...to make something that noone else has made before ...to use your mind, and create things with your imagination ...when you keep your mind open ...when you express yourself ...being yourself, and being unique ...thinking of new ideas and applying them ...to come up with something original

    ...when you put hard work into something ...to try your best ...when you give it your all and don't hold back ...to put the best you can into something ...not giving up ...trying your hardest to achieve ...the act of trying your best to complete any given task ...to work hard, never give up, and stay strong ...to do the best work you are capable of doing



    When students are in violation of the classroom expectations,
    fair and appropriate action is taken.

    The Red Card / Yellow Card Policy

    1st Offense Verbal Warning
    2nd Offense Yellow Card #1 Issued > Student/Teacher Conference
    3rd Offense Red Card Issued > Lunch Detention & Phone Call Home
    4th Offense Administrative Action