•  The Internet is a great place. It allows us to go to places we possibly would never be able to visit. We can learn about fossils at The Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois or even watch live animals at a watering hole in the Tropical Zone's African Plains without leaving our house or school.
     But, just like we need to stay safe when we are at museums and zoos, we need to be safe on the Internet. We follow many of the same safety rules when in both places. To learn some ways to stay safe when on the Internet, watch the below Internet Safety video and complete the Faux Paw Activity Sheet activity sheet.
    Faux Paw   
    Faux Paw Cursor
        Let's show the places we would like to visit or things we'd like to study while staying safe on the Internet. Look at the picture below, can you guess some of the things this student would like to visit on the Internet?
    Places to go