From 1492-1763

    "In colonial times, sewn samplers served another purpose for young girls. Sewing was an important and necessary skill that all girls had to learn. Making a sampler was a good way to learn, practice, and save examples of sewing stitches." ~ Mary Cobb, Sampler View of Colonial Life

    The second graders are learning about Colonial Times in both the classroom and the computer lab. In the lab, we read D is for Drums by Kay Chaoa and discussed what was and was not around during Colonial days. To reinforce this understanding we created colonial samplers using the drawing program, Pixie 3.

    Some students accepted the challenge of creating a modern day sampler.


    As we continue to learn about the Colonial Period, we will compare our daily lives with the colonists. Click on this link to learn more about the daily lives of the colonists.

    Now, click this link Daily Colonial Life vs. Our Daily Life
    to download the compare and contrast document.

    A great website to continue your learning of the Colonial Times, visit Colonial Williamsburg.