• Endangered Animals

    With the help of Mrs. Cook, Copper Hill's computer teacher, I was able to create this lesson on endangered animals. This lesson goes along with our Animal Classification Lessons

         We started learning about endangered animals while playing a question and answer game on http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/content/animals/kidscorner/endangered_animals/endangered_game.htm. Through this game, the students read about many different endangered animals from around the world.

    Click the globe below to play the Endangered Animals Game

    endangered animal game

         After the students had a chance to read about the many different endangered animals from around the world by playing the Endangered Animals Game, they were given a specific endangered animal to research. The students then took notes as they learned about their endangered animal including the environment where it lives and the threats that are endangering that species.

    Click on the environment picture below to take a safari with Sheppards Software.

    Endangered Animal Safari