• Study Skills

    Day 1-

    • What type of Learner are you?
    • How will this affect your study habits/learning experience?
    • Create academic goals for this week/ trimester--> why are they important to you?
    • Organize notebooks


    Day 2-

    • Basic computer skills (how to access Microsoft Word, double space text, save files to various locations, properly name files)
    •  Begin typing practice

    Day 3-

    • Identify types of text (informational, entertainment)
    • Begin analyzing informational text features - bold words, headings, titles, table of contents
    • Use text features to find specific information

    Day 4-

    • Continue with informational text
    • More practice finding specific information using text features
    • Intro note-taking --> main topics and subtopics, key words

    Day 5-

    • Continue note-taking with main topics and subtopics
    • Utilizing glossary to find information