• U.S. State Symbols Research

    Your next project is to research your state's symbols, bird, animal, flower... There are a list of some in your research folder, but feel free to add, delete or replace any of them based on your research. You will be able research the symbols by using the four Internet websites in the table below. Remember, it is always a good idea to confirm your finding with more than one resource, especially when researching on the Internet.


    "Wikipedia is a multilingual, web-based, free-content encyclopedia project based on an openly editable model" ~Wikipedia


    The US50 has provided a world class website consisting of concise, important and meaningful information about each of the 50 states in our great country.


    This is an electronic version of the WorldBook Encyclopedia. See your teacher for username and password.


    "Lots of facts and useful information links arranged specific to each of the 50 United States of America." ~www.50states.com

    AL State Symbols Comic
    RI State Symbols Comic