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    Lenape Indians Flash Cards

    The third graders are learning different ways to create flash cards to help themselves study. They will be creating flash cards for their Lenape Indians vocabulary words using www.Quizlet.com and Microsoft Word.

    **The flash cards you see below were created on www.Quizlet.com. To
    create flash cards, the creator must have an account and be at least 13 years old. You may ask a trusted adult to create an account and help you with creating the sets of flash cards.**

    **Click here to view Mr. Truncale's Lenape Indians Flash Cards at www.Quizlet.com**


    Lenape Flash Cards MS Word
    We used Microsoft Online Templates to create our Lenape flash cards. Once we downloaded our template, it was easy to type our Lenape terms, definitions, and insert pictures. We then printed, carefully cut and folded our cards so our terms and definitions were back to back.

    sample flash cards