• Homework, Absence, and Grading Information

    Homework is meant to serve two purposes: to review a skill from class or to try a new skill to gauge what you know.  It should not be given a quick glance and dismissed as "too hard".  If so, I need to know.  Every student should be able to complete something on the homework.  It allows me to see whether we are ready to move on or need to spend time reviewing skills.
    Typically homework is worth 2 points.  Late homework will be accepted for half credit if it is turned in the next day.  Homework turned in after a day late MAY NOT get credit.  Homework counts as 10% of the overall grade.  It will be noted on the homework board if an asignment is worth more than 2 points.  Students should have that information copied into their planner/agenda.
    Work will be set aside for the student who is unable to be in class.  Upon the student's return, it is expected that he or she collect the work missed and set a time to review the skills and concepts.  If a graded assignment was handed out during the student's absence, due dates will be adjusted to accommodate.
     Homework: 10%
    Classwork: 30%
    Quizzes, Test, Projects: 60%