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  • It is with our heartfelt appreciation
    that we recognize some of our

    Karen and Michael Aversano
    Suzanne Aversan
    Carol Baker 
    Julie Bell 
    Joan and Paul Berberich
    Daniel Bland
    Laura Bruhn
    Andrew Cogen
    Scott Cohen
    John and Cynthia Daly
    Anna and Tom Fallon
    FreshScapes, LLC
    Karen and Robert Gabruk
    Becky Hutto and David Gottlieb
    Michael and Anastasia Greene
    James and Susan Harrick
    Estate of Charles & Dina Kennedy III 
    Stephen and Tara Kraatz
    Ann McCrystal
    Theresa and Randy McCutcheon
    Kathy and Ed Mikalsen
    Michael Mitchell
    David and Julie Mooney
    Philip Patrick
    Michelle Peltzer
    Norman Poppel
     Dorota and Steven Ragazzo
    Randazzo Line Striping & Sealcoating 
    James Rice, CPA
    Paula and John Schmidt
    The Siebert Family
    Karen Deserio Slagle
    Martin and Susan Stess
     Kathy and John Suchorsky
    Les and Kim Tilly

    Become one of only 500 to make a $50.00 donation that will be utilized for programs that foster excellence in education.  As one of our FOUNDING 500 you will be making a positive impact in our children’s lives today and for generations to come, and will be recognized as one of our founders in all communications and historical references.

    Your donation, made online or through our flyer reserves your place as one of our FOUNDING 500 members.

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