How many animal groups can you find in the avatar I created?
    mammal - bird - fish - amphibian - reptile

    Reindeer Antlers
    Your reindeer antlers won't stick around for long. Every year reindeer shed their antlers in the spring and summer.

    African Wild Dog Ears- Your African wild dog ears are big so that they can give off heat and keep your body cool.

    Anaconda Snake Tongue- Now you can smell with your tongue! Your forked anaconda tongue collects odor molecules from the air and brings them back in the tiny grooves in the roof of your mouth, letting you "taste" the air.

    Green Tree Frog Arms- Your sticky fingers are actually giant tree frog toe pads. They help you cling to trees and climb vertically anywhere you want.

    Tomato Frog Legs- Your skin can release a toxic glue-like secretion that protects you against hungry predators. SO your frog legs will never be on the dinner menu.

    Chilean Flamingo Wings-Your Chilean Flamingo wings have dark feathers on their underside. Males use them in courtship displays by flapping their wings to make back flashes that attract the ladies.

    Siberian Tiger Tail- Your Siberian Tiger tail is a four-foot-long aerodynamic masterpiece. It helps keep your balance when you're running. Just like a spoiler on the back of a race car.