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    Welcome to the Francis A. Desmares' Music Homepage

    Cassandra Kiesling, Music Teacher
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     Phone Number: (908) 284-7540

    Kindergarten Online Music Lesson - June 22

    It's our last day of music. Click the link above to learn some songs you could sing while jumping rope. These are known as "skipping songs." If you have a jumprope at home, you can try singing while you jump. There is nothing that needs to be turned in today. Wishing you all a wonderful summer and I'll see you in 1st grade music! 

    1st grade online music lesson - June 23

    Now that you've learned all about the instruments and met all of the characters in Peter in the Wolf, it's time to enjoy watching the whole story. Click the link above and you will find a few different versions of the story. You can choose to watch the cartoon version or watch the orchestra performing the story. There are coloring sheets you may complete if you wish, but nothing needs to be turned in today. Wishing you all a wonderful summer and I'll see you in 2nd grade!

    2nd Grade Online Music Lesson - June 16

    Click the link above to access this week's online music lesson. If you do not have a printer to print the 2 pages of animal cards, you can draw your own. At the end of the lesson, head to my flip grid page here and click on the big green plus sign to upload a video. In the video, sing me a few verses of the song and play the rhythm of the animal sounds using your homemade instrument (or an actual instrument if you have one). You can use the cards in front of you to help you remember the words as you sing. Feel free to include a verse where you came up with your own animal and sound idea. Can't wait to hear you sing! 


    3rd Grade Online Music Lesson - June 17

    Click the link above to access this week's online music lesson. Before completing step 7 head to my flipgrid page here and watch the video prompt which explains how to use the rhythm composition tool. When students have finished composing their rhythm in step 7, they should practice chanting and playing the rhythm using an instrument or body sounds such as clapping or patting. Once they can perform their rhythm accurately, students should upload a video on flipgrid by clicking on the big green plus sign. In the video they should sing the song "Chicken on a Fencepost" (A section) and then perform their rhythm afterwards (B section). Wishing you all a wonderful summer break!!!


    4th Grade Music Online Learning
    The 4th Grade Online Learning assignments will be posted directly to my Google Classroom where students have already been working on their study of the orchestra. The individual classrooms for each teacher are linked below. In order to view the content and have access to the classroom, students must be signed into their school Google account using their @frsd.us ID and school password. Please e-mail me if you have any issues logging in.
    Music Notes
    Flemington-Raritan School District's Philosophy of Music Education

    Music engages the human spirit, and expresses the inexpressible. In addition, history demonstrates music's value in all civilization. Our school district believes it is critical to provide children with ongoing opportunities to grow musically. Our curriculum addresses aesthetic awareness and creativity, music knowledge, and technical competence in preparation for lifelong involvement in music. We work to enhancechildren's understanding of themselves and the people of the world through their art. To accomplish these goals, the Flemington-Raritan Regional School District provides students with meaningful ongoing opportunities in general music, choral music and instrumental music.