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  • The FREF has been established on the conviction that our children should have access to a wide variety of resources and learning experiences if we are to truly prepare them as capable, successful learners.
    With dollars raised through various fundraising activities, the FREF awards grants that support creative, innovative and sustainable educational initiatives that supplement and complement existing district curriculum. 
    Our goal is to fund opportunities, equipment and experiences that would not otherwise be supported through the district budget.

  • Our Mission:
    To foster excellence in education by funding innovative and enriching educational initiatives for children from pre-K through eighth grade in the Flemington-Raritan School District. 

    Why the need?
    Education foundations promote excellence in education by providing grants to educators that fund initiatives throughout the school district.  These initiatives provide educational advantages to the children by funding activities that would not otherwise be funded through the traditional district budget.  
    They have a broad impact that goes beyond the classroom by engaging retired alumni and educators, as well as business leaders, community members and corporations in their efforts to enhance student achievement.  As independent, non-profit organizations, they open additional revenue streams, not otherwise available to public schools, and...
    • Play a critical role as districts face tight budget cuts and caps, as well as elimination of programs and services
    • Garner a variety of resources and funds for the enhancement of educational opportunities for children in the school district
    • Recognize and encourage academic excellence through grants for teachers and administrators
    • Enhance communication between the district and community
    • Offer opportunities for community members to become involved with their local district

    Our History:
    In the fall of 2011, the Flemington Raritan School District put forth a charge to explore the creation of an Education Foundation.  Parent, school and community leaders came forth to serve on a committee to research the feasibility of this task.  Over the next months, they continued to shape their purpose and structure, and moved toward formal establishment as an independent, non-profit organization that would benefit the students and school community. 
    In July 2012, members filed articles of incorporation and adopted by-laws that legally set forth the mission, structure and responsibilities of the organization, and formalized the Executive Board.  
    In May 2013, to begin the charge of securing funds that would benefit our children, members submitted a formal application for tax-exempt status.  
    In August 2014, the Education Foundation received their federal tax exemption as a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity.  

    While the founding members of the FREF have set a path for success, the future of the foundation depends on you.

    For more information, feel free to view our presentation to the Flemington-Raritan School District Board of Education (June 3, 2013) regarding our launch and plans.

  • Contact Us:
    PO Box 2315
    Flemington, NJ 08822

     Executive Board:
    Julie Bell
    (908) 399-4077


    Vice President

    Margaret DeAngelis
    E-mail ID: margaret.mckenzie-deangelis
    Lea Klein
    Email ID: lea.klein
    Kathleen Mikalsen
    E-mail ID: kathleen.mikalsen


    Teacher Liaisons:
    Barley Sheaf School
    Kathy Mikalsen
    Copper Hill School
    Frances A. Desmares School
    Robert Hunter School
    Margaret DeAngelis
    Reading-Fleming Intermediate School
    J.P. Case Middle School
     Board of Education Representative:
    Laurie Markowski