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  • Supporting innovation and excellence in education is a powerful investment in our future.  By building partnerships and collaborating with organizations, businesses and community members who value and support education we can raise extraordinary kids.

    We thank you and all the families, friends, teachers and community members who share in our vision
    ...because extraordinary kids start with a great foundation.

  • Fundraising initiatives are undertaken to raise money that is utilized to fund important educational programs and opportunities for students and staff that would not otherwise be funded through the traditional district budget.
    These educational programs provide learning experiences and access to educational opportunities for our students and staff that would not have been available without your support.  
    Monetary grants are then awarded to staff and students of the Flemington-Raritan School District based on an approval process that looks at the educational merit and potential impact of the educational program.
    Grants awarded for educational programs:
    Encourage academic excellence by supporting learning activities that supplement and complement the existing school curriculum by:
    • Expanding access to technology/equipment, scholastic opportunities and enrichment activities not otherwise funded
    • Preparing students for their future by nurturing healthy, caring and responsible learners
    Empower educators with opportunities for professional growth and development by:
    • Supporting experiences that expand their ability to teach and inspire
    • Providing opportunities that transfer an educator's knowledge and skills into effective classroom experiences

    Promote School-Community Partnerships through volunteer and member opportunities for the community and communications that:

    • Raise awareness of local educational challenges and gather stakeholders with the capacity to resolve them
    • Develop programs to address the emerging needs of our school district and the community it serves