• Carnegie Cadets: The MySecureCyberspace Game
    "At the Academy, we train our cadets in Internet safety so that they can protect themselves and others from the attacks of malicious Cyber Villains. The Internet is a growing part of our daily lives and it is my hope that future generations will be able to continue exploring Cyberspace in a safe and secure way."-Carnegie Cyber Academy

    The 4th graders used the Carnegie Cyber Academy website to identify examples of cyber safety, cyber security, and cyber ethics. Students then used that information to create a multimedia presentation with formatted text, multiple slides and a graphic.
     Mrs. Steinmetz Ms. LangoMrs. Carson Mrs. McCormack 
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    CyberDefense CyberDefense CyberDefenseCyberDefense 
     Dana's Cyber Villian Report Dana's Cyber Villian Report  Dana's Cyber Villian Report  Dana's Cyber Villian Report 
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