• Please feel free to contact the PTO Executive Board at any time.  We encourage feedback and suggestions, and are available to answer questions or other inquiries.  We look forward to hearing from you! 
    2022-2023 RFIS PTO Executive Board

    President: Kristen Boyce - Kristenboyce1994@gmail.com

    Vice President:  Jen Wyatt - vcr78@email.com

    Secretary: Crystal Sliva - csliva1@comcast.net

    5th Grade Treasurer: Susan Reznak - susanreznak@gmail.com

    6th Grade Treasurer:  Robin Krog - Robins_1315@yahoo.com  

    5th Grade  Liaison: Josh Jones - ncajosh99@gmail.com

    6th Grade Liaison: Michele Deremer - michelederemer@ymail.com

    PTO E-mail Address - rfispto1@gmail.com         

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Last Modified on August 17, 2022