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    Dear Parent/Guardian:

    In accordance with the N.J. State Administrative Code, Title 6:29-4.1 and Title 6:29-7.1,

    which mandates that family life and H.I.V./AIDS education be taught in all school districts, and according to the policy of the Board of Education, all health and education classes will cover our present curriculum dealing with family life and H.I.V./AIDS.

    Please be aware that our program of study will enable students to develop an understanding of positive interpersonal relationships, the principles of human growth and development, responsible personal behavior and effective family life. Our units are appropriate to the age, maturity, growth and development of students at each grade level. Parents and guardians are welcome to peruse our curriculum, texts, pamphlets, and the materials used in teaching this unit.

    Under the N.J. State Department mandate, parents/guardians have the right to exclude their children from any part of the family life or H.I.V./AIDS instruction if it is in conflict with his/her conscience or sincerely held moral or religious beliefs, via a signed statement to the school principal.

    Please direct further inquiries to the school office.


    The Physical Education/Health Department

    Reading-Fleming Intermediate School


    Please complete and return to Health teacher

    _________ Yes, my child may participate in the Family Life – H.I.V./AIDS education.

    _________ No, my child may not participate in the Family Life – H.I.V./AIDS education

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    Student Name Homeroom

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Last Modified on May 27, 2015