•  Flemington: Then and Now 
    Historic Flemington
          Welcome to our study of Flemington, New Jersey. Flemington is a big town today with stores, restaurants, houses and people. We see our town as a busy community.
          Have you ever stopped to think about how our town began? Who started the town? How did the town get the name of Flemington?
          As you read this book, you will see Flemington as it looked 200 years ago. You will learn about some of the people who began our town. You will learn about the oldest house in Flemington and you will see Flemington grow and change from a land of wilderness and Native American to a busy farm community where peach trees grew everywhere. 
          Use the hyperlinks in the red, left sidebar under the heading "Flemington" to navigate between the different historical people and places of Flemington. Share what you learned by answering the questions that are on some of the pages.