• John Kase 

          John Kase was the first white settler in the Flemington area. John Kase came to Flemington from Germany almost 240 years ago. He was 28 years old at the time. He brought with him a great deal of money. He used the money to buy land along Mine Brook. The land around the Route 12 traffic circle and back through Bonnell Street was bought by John Kase.

          When John Kase met Chief Tuccamirgan they became good friends. The Chief had his tribe help John Kase build his log cabin. When the Kases had children, Tuccamirgan and his wife would often take care of them. The Chief made cradles for the Kase’s babies. Tuccamirgan did not have any children of his own.

         When John Kase’s son grew up, he started a tannery in Flemington. A tannery takes animal skin and makes it soft so it can be made into clothes and shoes. Many people came to Flemington to buy leather from the tannery. Before this, people had to make their own leather which took a lot of time. The tannery brought people into Flemington. People brought money into Flemington and the more people that came, the more businesses that grew.