• Fleming Castle

          This house doesn’t look like a castle now, but in 1756 it was named Fleming Castle. It looked like a castle next to the Native American huts and small log cabins that were built in Flemington.

          Fleming Castle was an inn and home of Samuel Fleming. The inn was a place where travelers could stop for food and rest.  Outside one could see more wolves than sheep, more bears than horses and more Native Americans than settlers.  Inside the hallway, one could see that there are three floors. Only rich people built homes that were this large.  On the right of the hall is the parlor where ladies would visit and talk.  Going downstairs, one could see the family room and kitchen where the food for the family and travelers was cooked. The ceilings are low because in those days people were a lot shorter.  The windows are small because glass was expensive.    
          Fleming Castle is the oldest house in Flemington.  It is on Bonnell Street.  Times have changed.  No longer can wolves, bears and Native Americans be seen from Fleming Castle.  Instead houses, streets, cars and people are seen around Fleming Castle.
    Fleming Castle Fleming Castle Placard