• Hunterdon County Courthouse

          The first courthouse was built in 1794.  It lasted for over 30 years.  Then on February 13th, 1828 the courthouse caught on fire and burned to the ground.  The people decided to rebuild the courthouse.  The new courthouse was finished in 1829. The newest one was completed and opened its doors in July of 1996.

          The large white courthouse was built.  An old jail is in the back.  This jail is no longer used today.  Offices are on the first floor of the courthouse.  Courtrooms are on the second floor.
          In front of the courthouse is a water fountain given in 1902 by the Flemington Woman’s Club for the people of Flemington.  It was made so that people could drink from it from the sidewalk.  Horses could drink from it from the street side and pets could take a drink at the bottom.
          In front of the Hall of Records and the courthouse are 2 stone pedestals each holding a compass.  In earlier times, compasses were used by land surveyors to check their instruments as required by law.



    Hunterdon County Courthouse