• Pottery

          The Native Americans were among the first potters in Hunterdon County.  They found the red clay was useful in making items needed for their homes. 
          Flemington’s first pottery was started in 1814 by Samuel Hill. Samuel Hill turned clay into useful and beautiful objects.  When Mr. Hill died, Mr. Fulper bought the business.  The company started to make jugs, jars, mugs and bottles.  Fulper Pottery was important to Flemington. It employed many people and brought money into the town of Flemington.
          In 1910, Mr. Stangl created new designs and glazes.  He made vases and fruit bowls. 
          In 1929, a huge fire destroyed the Fulper Pottery.  Since the Fulper Pottery was an important industry to Flemington and employed many people, the town decided to help rebuild Fulper Pottery.  Once again the Fulper Pottery became an important industry in Flemington.
          In 1945, Mr. Stangl bought the pottery company from the Fulper family.