• Beecher Diamond Basket Factory

          Many years ago, Flemington was known for having peach farms.  Most of the peaches were sent by train to New York.  Peaches were also sent to southern New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Sometimes boats were used to transport peaches.  Beecher Diamond Basket Factory was doing a good business making baskets for peaches.
          In 1889, there were almost one million baskets of peaches sold.  Hunterdon County had almost 2 million peach trees.  Farmers were busy growing peaches and taking them to the shipping yard.  Other people worked to make baskets to hold the peaches.
          After 1890, the peach business began to slow down because of bad weather and too many peaches.  There were more peaches than people who wanted to buy them.  Finally, a disease called San Jose scale destroyed most of the peach trees.  Peach baskets were no longer needed.  Beecher Diamond Basket Factory closed down.  The factory used to be where Flemington Cut Glass Company is today.