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     The Union HotelThe County Hotel 

             Since the beginning of Flemington, taverns and hotels were meeting places for people to meet and talk about farming, politics, births, deaths and buying and selling property.   By the early 1800’s, there were three hotels on Main Street

             The Lake Hotel was built where the post office is today.  It opened in April 1895.  The hotel was known for having electric lights, bells and hot and cold water.  There were 78 rooms and the dining room was one of the largest in the state.  It was considered a first-class hotel.  In 1940, the Lake Hotel was torn down to make way for the Flemington post office.  Parts of the original bricks can be seen on the bottom of the post office building.

             The County Hotel was also called the Middle hotel because it was located between the Lake Hotel and the Union Hotel.  The only part left of the County Hotel is a sign that says “County Hotel” on the sidewalk in front of 65 Main Street.

    The Union Hotel is located across the street from the court house.  In the early days, this hotel was a stage coach shop.  Visitors would ride a stage coach into town and stop in front of the Union Hotel.  Inside the hotel, there were paintings of Native Americans and settlers.   This hotel closed in 2008.