• This Jeopardy game is a PowerPoint presentation. You could just go through each slide and study it that way or play the game to study. If you do decide to play the game, there are a few things you may need to know.
    1. When you open this up, you will need to begin the slide show. To do this, click the "Slide Show" tab at the top. Under that tab, select "From beginning" to start the slide show.
    2. Once the slide show has begun, hit the space bar to bring up the game board.
    3. Once the game board is on the screen, only use the mouse to click on the blue icons. The boxes labeled, "Answer" will give you the answer to the question you clicked on from the game board.
    4. To return to the game board after checking the answer, click on the blue star on the bottom of the page. Any question you have clicked on will now be in a different color.
    5. When you are finished, hit the escape button to exit the PowerPoint presentation.
    6. Have fun!!! 
Last Modified on May 20, 2013