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Lice Lessons
The job of the school nurse is to help parents identify head lice and to guide parents in treatment options. We want to remind all families that head lice are a temporary annoyance, not a major health concern. In our experience, head lice outbreaks are kept to a minimum when parents take the lead by inspecting their children's scalps routinely. Our role includes maintaining confidentiality and minimizing time lost from the classroom. 
Please note: You should talk to your healthcare provider or pharmacist about treatment options,
including prescription products that are currently available,
and be certain to follow application directions carefully to ensure patient safety.
What you should know about head lice -
A quick, easy-to-read fact sheet to help dispel myths 
and prepare parents before they experience an infestation.

Información básica sobre piojos (español)

  • Lice Photo Gallery 
Size of nit and lice Lice and nit on hair Lice eggs or nits

Size of lice and nits

Louse and nits on hair

Lice eggs or nits

Another size comparison
Lice on hair  

Louse and nit casing on hair.
Note how tiny!

Lice on hair 

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