• CNN Student News

    This is one of my favorite sites for current events. These 10 minutes clips are made daily in a student friendly format.



     Tween Tribune

    This website says it best, "nothing is more important to a democracy than a well-informed electorate". Keeping students informed starts here- check out Tween Tribune for fun and intriguing articles sorted by grade levels.




    DOGO News
    This website is "fodder for young minds". Age appropriate articles that make awesome conversation topics.


     PBS News Hour

    This website has a mature format that is geared towards students grades 7-12. PBS News Hour includes articles, videos, and student imput on current events. This is an excellent resource for current events assignments. I often get questions from students asking if their article fits in the "Social Studies" category and this website breaks down articles by subject area. by clicking on politics, economics, geography or civics & government, students are sure to get an area that is related to Social Studies.




    UpFront Magazine
    UpFront Magainze is published through The New York Times and Scholastic. The site includes political cartoons, current event "debate" topics, links to videos, article quizzes & worksheets and many other great tools!