•  Concussion Information:

    The 6-step Return to Play Protocol (Post-Concussion):

    • Step 1: Completion of a full day of normal cognitive activities (school day, studying for tests, watching practice, interacting with peers) without reemergence of any signs or symptoms. If no return of symptoms, next day advance.
    • Step 2: Light Aerobic exercise, which includes walking, swimming, and stationary cycling, keeping the intensity below 70% maximum heart rate. No resistance training. The objective of this step is increased heart rate.
    • Step 3: Sport-specific exercise including skating, and/or running: no head impact activities. The objective of this step is to add movement.
    • Step 4: Non-contact training drills (e.g.passing drills). Student-athlete may initiate resistance training.
    • Step 5: Following medical clearance (consultation between school health care personnel and student-athlete’s physician), participation in normal training activities. The objective of this step is to restore confidence and assess functional skills by coaching and medical staff.
    • Step 6: Return to play involving normal exertion or game activity.  

    It is essential to report any recurrence of symptoms at any point during your 6-step progression.