•  ImPACT Testing for Fall Sports:    

    ImPACT Tests will be taken at home. 

    Please Click the Link below for instructions on how to take the test.

    You must complete the ImPACT test in order to participate in Fall Sports try outs. 

    The test itself takes about 30 minutes to complete.

    An athlete will only need to take the ImPACT ONCE during their time here at J.P. Case Middle School.  The test is good for 2 years or until you attend a new school. 

    While most concussions are minor and can have a relatively quick recovery, many injuries are more severe, and the recovery can be more prolonged. Many research studies have shown that it is absolutely essential that the athlete is fully recovered from a concussion, before returning to full sports participation. Returning to play before full recovery risks a recurrent concussion which is often more severe, and is often associated with prolonged recovery or even long-term symptoms.

    At J.P Case we are pleased to be able to offer ImPACT testing to all of the athletes. The ImPACT test is the most widely used, studied, and validated of all Neurocognitive tests available. The test measures speed and accuracy of cognitive tests such as pattern recognition and memory.  The athlete takes a baseline test before the season, and then if a concussion occurs, repeat testing is an important way to be confident that the brain has fully recovered before returning to play.

    The ImPACT Company, and most experts in the field, feels it is important that the baseline test is taken in a controlled, quiet environment. They specifically discourage taking the baseline test at home, particularly in the younger athlete.


    ImPACT Test Instructions