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    My first book is Something is Coming. Hope you enjoy it!
    I tried making rhyming stories. That is a hard kind of story to write. Check out My Wish and Friends.
    Two brothers go on an out of this world adventure in I See the Moon.
    If you like fire breathing dragons and fairies who bravely stand up to them, Brave Green Fairy is for you.
    This story shows my love of nature. Enjoy For the Love of Trees
    When I found the artwork of this artist, I knew there was a fairy tale hiding in the illustrations. The Great North Woods.
    The best part of living in New Jersey is that we get to experience 4 seasons. I have always loved winter and a good snow storm. Here is my celebration of winter in Hush of Winter.
    2016 The Kindergarteners of Copper Hill and Robert Hunter Schools have discovered Storybird in Computer Literacy class. They wrote cooperative class stories. Go to the Kindergarten Projects page to find their stories.
    Each writer sees something different in the artists' illustrations from StoryBird. What better way to show this than to use the same illustrations with different authors. The students in each class worked in teams to write a cooperative class story. I used the exact same artwork and wrote my own. What fun to compare stories!

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