• Everyone is absent from time to time. If your child is well enough to work at home please suggest that they work on the following activities;
    Check the homework page on my website for current and past assignments and notices of upcoming quizzes and other assessments.
    Study for our next test or quiz. Practice and rehearse for our next oral assessment.
    Go to Quizlets in our current Online Text Book Unit to work on flashcards  and other activities.
    Check out the websites listed on the left side of my home page.
    Please keep track of any work that is done at home during an absence. Turn in a list of tasks accomplished to Mme Gauthier upon your return to school. E-mail your list of activities done to  kathleen.gauthier@frsd.us  upon your return to school.
    Upon return to class ask to copy a neighbor's class notes.  Show these to the teacher to make sure they are clear and accurate.
    We miss you and hope you will return soon!