• Student Projects
     In second grade, students practice their reading and writing skills while researching facts to teach others about new topics about which they learn. They also learn new tech skills too.
    Let the students teach you!
    Habitats of New Jersey 2nd graders reviewed a book about the many habitats in NJ. They imagined living in the one that would be their dream habitat. Using a variety of tools in Wixie, they illustrated their dream habitat and wrote about it. Enjoy their original work!
    Read Aloud Reviews 2nd graders listened to a story of their choice being read aloud on Storyline Online. Using a modified template in Wixie, they wrote a review of the story and performance. Enjoy their helpful reviews!
    Sensory Riddles 2nd graders were asked to write a riddle about a living thing of their choice. The clues had to use the senses. How many riddles can you guess? Enjoy!
    Graffiti with a Heart 2nd graders created messages of inspiration to share with children at Hunterdon Medical Center. They used tools in Wixie to create artwork that looks like sidewalk chalk art.
    Google Doodles Thank goodness 2nd graders have Wixie. They were able to create a Google Doodle to show some of the activities they have been doing at home. Enjoy their creative work!
    Snow Day This has been the winter without snow. We miss our snow day fun, so we had a snow day in the computer lab. Students listened to and admired the story/work of "Snowflake" Bentley. They were inspired to create their own digital snowflake. We used Padlet to record a favorite snow day activity. The final project was in Wixie. Students illustrated and wrote about that snow day activity. Enjoy their original work!
    Digital Trails Students used Wixie within their Google Classroom to complete their own digital footprint. Some students were absent and were not able to edit and format their work. They had some good ideas, and I wanted to share them in their unedited state.
    Digital Citizenship
    As we wind down the year, second graders had one last project. They were tasked with fixing a used or broken toy so it could be sold in an imaginary Garage Sale. The students were very creative - enjoy!
    Second graders were thinking about snow days this winter. They learned how to use Google Classroom, Docs, and Slides to complete this project. Enjoy their student edited snow day stories!
    Students in Mrs. Skiba's class want to tell you about some fun things to do in NJ Fall.
    Students listened to Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert. They were inspired to create their own leaf critter using the illustrating tools in Pixie.
    Research Projects
    Earth Day 2018
    An important lesson 2nd graders learned is how to give credit to someone else's work that you may borrow for a report or just to share with others. Thanks to Common Sense Media for their Digital Citizen lessons, Creative Works and Follow the Digital Trail. Students agreed they would not like anyone to take something they created and use it without saying who created it.
    We looked at some famous artists who live locally and noticed their name on the creative work.
    As 2nd graders, they faced the problem of giving themselves credit without sharing private information - first and last names! That's OK for an adult, but not a 2nd Grader. They came up with a solution. We would never tell the secret of our creative names since the work is published online for anyone to see. Students will now use this "signature" on all the creative works they publish online. Can you find it on their creative work? Enjoy their original writings and illustrations created with Pixie software.
    Second graders know what it means to be a good Digital Citizen. They watched a video from ikeepsafe.org. featuring a character named, Faux Paw. She makes so many mistakes when she's online. She needs to read these projects from the 2nd graders to learn how to fix those mistakes! We hope you learn something too.
    Feedback about our past Digital Citizenship project from others:
    Los Angeles, CA - "Please tell your students how much I enjoyed viewing their projects. I teach kindergarten through fourth grade students at my school, and I was stumped as to how to have them personally explore the important guidelines Common Sense provides for  digital citizenship. After viewing your students’ excellent interpretation of the rules I am eager to have my students illustrate just as your did. Thank you very much for sharing." 
    Albany, CA - "I just viewed your website and will be showing it to our faculty today at our weekly meeting. I am the librarian at Ocean View Elementary School and am currently using Common Sense Media for many lessons. I will let you know how the meeting goes. Thanks for the inspiration."