• party
    I would love to help your child celebrate his/her birthday.  However, due to food allergies we will not be celebrating with food.  Students are welcome to bring in a small "treat" for their classmates such as pencils, stickers, erasers, pocket games, small (non-food) goody bags, etc.  Parents are always welcome to come in to read, play a game or do a simple craft with the class to make special birthday memories!
    Please contact me BEFORE your child's birthday to make arrangements.   
    Summer birthdays can be celebrated in June.  
    Birthday Invitations:  Birthday invitations may only be handed out in class if ALL THE STUDENTS in the class are invited.  If you are only inviting a few students from the class, please mail the invitations.  For this reason, I suggest all parents include their information in our Barley Sheaf School PTO Directory in the fall.