• We will begin the year learning about our state of NJ. You will learn state symbols, and we will focus on comparing and contrasting the 4 regions-the Appalachian Ridge and Valley, the Highlands, the Central Corridor/Piedmont, and the Atlantic Coastal Plain.   
    Hangout NJ  is a fun site to go to to explore our beautiful state.

    nj map




    In  4th grade we learn about the land forms, waterways, natural resources, economy, and the different cultures of the US.  We use the 5 region model-Northeast, Southeast, Mid-West, Southwest, and the West. Below is a fun site to learn more about our 50 states.




     We will study both NJ state and US federal government this year.  Click on the link for an informative website to learn more about our federal government.   Ben's Guide

     Schoolhouse Rock is a fun way to learn more about our government.
    -To learn more about the preamble of the Constitution click HERE for the Schoolhouse Rock song about the Preamble.
    -Click HERE for the Schoolhouse Rock video on how a bill becomes a law. 
    4th graders love our unit on immigration. Click this link, Scholastic Immigration Stories of Yesterday and Today ,to take a virtual tour of Ellis Island, read about young immigrants coming to America today, and gather information by reading graphic features such as timelines and graphs.
      Ellis ISland