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    Dear First Grade Families,
       I am so excited to be going into my 25th year of teaching at Barley Sheaf School!  I've taught other grades, but I LOVE first grade; it's the best!  I'm not only a teacher at Barley Sheaf, but I used to be a student here as well.
       When I'm not in school, I'm busy with my husband and two children.  We enjoy spending time together at the beach and watching (and playing) football.  
       My son, Aaron, is 16 years old.  He will be going into 11th grade at Hunterdon Central High School this year.  Aaron loves to skimboard, play football and is learning how to drive.  
       My daughter, Sadie, is 13 years old.  She is going into 8th grade at JP Case.  She loves cheerleading, tumbling and singing.  
        We also have a furry member of our family.   We have a Ragdoll cat named Luci.  Luci is a sweet, spunky (but sometimes very naughty) cat.  She follows us everywhere we go. She acts more like a dog than a cat.  She even plays fetch!  We enjoy having a kitty in the house. 
       You will get to know a lot more about me as the school year gets underway.  I look forward to learning all about you and your family as we get to know each other this year!
    ~Mrs. Importico