school supplies

    Dear Parents,

    All incoming first graders are being asked to bring the following supplies with them when they begin the new school year in the fall.


    1 box of sharpened, yellow #2 pencils (Ticonderoga, preferred)

    1 box of 24 count crayons (Crayola, please)

    4 black dry erase markers (Expo - thin)

    6+ white glue sticks (clear drying)

    3 ring binder (can be used) 1-2 inch

    hand sanitizer (approximately 10-12 oz)

    1 box of tissues (for classroom use)

    a small pencil box or large zip-lock bag to hold supplies


    Some supplies may, of course, need to be replenished throughout the year.  We ask that you assess your child's school supplies about once a month and replace needed items.  Also, as you see your child's "take-home" folder tear or come apart, please replace it with another folder.


    We appreciate your cooperation in providing these supplies for your child.


    The First Grade Team